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International  Arbitration Center in Tokyo

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Information for IACT users

In September 2018, IP leaders around the globe united to create an outstanding alternative dispute resolution center, chaired by Randall Rader, the former Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

IACT’s Advantages—IACT provides key benefits that make arbitration before IACT a desirable path, including:

1. Highly-regarded forum for technology-related legal matters. IACT is well-suited to resolve international disputes as its neutrals have handled a number of key cases including intellectual property disputes.​​​

2. Global coverage. Arbitrators and mediators are selected from major jurisdictions around the globe. The parties may agree to select a neutral(s) for proceedings. Absent the parties’ selection, a neutral(s) will be selected from appropriate jurisdictions.

3. Unparalleled Experience. Many of IACT’s experts have presided over thousands of complicated cases as a judge. Some experts have served as an official in charge of IP matters.

4. Cost and time efficiency.  IACT seeks to achieve cost and time efficiency by streamlining the process and defining the arbitrators' hourly rates and the chargeable hours in each dispute, rather than using other commonly-used fee amounts such as a percentage of the amount in controversy.

5. Flexibility. IACT can assist Med-Arb and layered ADR with the knowledge and experience of neutrals chosen from every continent. If the parties are not familiar with the finality of arbitration, the parties may preserve the opportunity to appeal to a supervisory ​ panel.​


Governing Board

Randall R. Rader


Ryuichi Shitara

Vice Chair

Zhang Guangliang

Vice Chair

Seongsoo Park

Vice Chair

Robin Jacob

Vice Chair


Katsuya Tamai


Kumiko Kitaoka

Secretary General


Under the IACT Rules, the parties have a say in which arbitrators preside in any given proceeding. Below are some of the world's most experienced and respected former judges who have agreed to be available to arbitrate IACT disputes.

United States & Canada

Judge Randall R. Rader

Judge Sue Robinson

Judge Gerald Rosen

Judge Theodore Essex



Judge Zhang Guangliang

Judge Xiuping Ou

Judge Zhipei Jiang

Judge Xiangyun Kong

Judge Lihong Duan

Dr. Yuan Hao


Judge Annabelle Bennett


Judge Seongsoo Park

Young-June Yang
DuckSoon Chang
Judge Kijoong Kang


Judge Ryuichi Shitara

Judge Toshiaki Iimura

Judge Ryoichi Mimura

Judge Misao Shimizu


Judge Sir Robin Jacob

Judge Rian Kalden

Judge Fidelma Macken

Prof. Ryan Abbott

South America

Liliane Roriz


Please direct inquiries at:

Sapia Tower 8th floor, 1-7-12 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005 JAPAN

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