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In the world of information

We all live in the world of information. Online contents influence elections, stock markets, product sales, and our well-being. Access to information is crucial in today's world.

The digital divide is one of the issues that need to be addressed, and governments are taking actions. Based on recent publications, progressive entities have quickly acquired intangible assets while others are lagging behind. Why did India grow so fast? Do we benefit from the use of information? 

It's essential to ensure that everyone has equal access to information to achieve growth and progress.

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One example of a high level of economic growth through informatization. 

Over the last two decades,

  1. Intangible investment in has increased faster than tangible investment. 

  2. The gap between intangible and tangible investment (the proportion to India’s GDP) has been narrowing.

  3. Intangible investment in 2019 made up over 10 percent of India’s GDP, equivalent to the EU's average (about 10 percent) and higher than in Japan (about 9 percent).

Citing WIPO and Luiss Business School (2024) World Intangible Investment Highlights: June 2024 edition.


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