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Cookie Policy

updated August 11, 2022


Tracking technologies, including cookies, pixel tags, web beacons, local storage or mini databases, are currently used at our website. The information about your use of our website or mobile applications is utilized to improve your experience at our website. The types and features of these technologies change as new functions and features are developed. This Data Tracking Policy sets forth our governance and implementation of these tracking technologies.

A   Purpose of tracking technologies

  1. provide you a better, faster and safer experience. Cookies may be installed in a memory of your device or work at your browser of your computer. Cookies let computer programs identify the device that you use and verify your identity faster

  2. memorize sites you visit and deliver content that is customized to you in light of your previous interaction at our website

  3. filter advertising relevant to you at our site

  4. improve our website performance


B   Originator of cookies

Cookies and other programs are generated from web servers, including our internet servers. Some cookies originate from our website server, but others are generated by third parties. These entities are essential for our website to work properly and seamlessly. The cookies that come from the third parties are called "third party cookies" and help the optimal operation of our website.


C   Manage tracking of browser data

By clicking the setting from the dropdown menu of your browser, you may check what cookies and other programs are tracking your online activities and what information may be collected by them. If you wish to make changes to data tracking through cookies, you may select the level of data that cookies and other programs can track your online activities and the types of tracking programs allowed. You may refuse all the cookies. When you limit data tracking by cookies, your experience may not be optimal when you return online. You may need to reenter a password.

You can find more information at,, or .

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