In Negotiation

Upcoming Webinar: Successful management of global trade secret disputes 

December 2021 (TBD). 

IACT Chair will discuss with corporate counsels and an ICT expert about global trade secret protection. 

City Center

Upcoming Webinar: Strategies to defend against trade secret theft

November 5th (Fri) 6:45 -7:45 PM EST, Professor Jonas Anderson from Washington College of Law teaches what we should know about ongoing trade secret battles. 

Past Webinar: Managing Coronavirus Impact on Litigation Operations—Mediation & Arbitration

Global Coronavirus outbreak forces a strategic response in the field of dispute resolution. How should companies act? 


Past Event: Patents in Telecom/Internet of Things

IACT's Chair, Judge Randall Rader spoke at a seminar "Patents in Telecom" at the University of Tokyo on November 7, 2019. 

seminar Feb 14.JPG

Past Event: Strategies and Global Solutions Using International Arbitration and Mediation for IP Disputes

Japan Patent Office, Orrick, and IACT hosted a seminar on International Arbitration and Mediation (ADR) to solve intellectual property disputes on February 14, 2020.