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Modern Technology and IP

Looking Out of a Skyscaper

Science, education, and people 

​Value of Contribution

Beyond a single episode of intellectual property infringement, IACT assist global corporations with construction of business strategies, mapping of critical R&D opportunities, structuring of collaborative research and ventures, and designing of intellectual property licensing schemes. Our experts have led the progress of science and managed complex business operations. IACT is best positioned to offer solutions to issues that you encounter in managing innovative technologies.

Maximize protection

Your IP position may be optimized by several steps. 

First, let us ask . . .

  1. What sets you apart from competitors?

  2. How well your IP portfolio has been built to position yourself?

  3. What IP risks you should be protected from?

  4. What limits your growth?  

  5. What is your emergency plan?


Solve it together

Contact us any time, from any location.

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