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AI: the most disruptive technologies

AI programs have generated not only breakthrough technologies, but also award-winning paintings, exam answers, and fake legal opinions. From legal professionals to fraudsters, no one is immune to AI technologies. The reasons are obvious. Our creativity conjures up the deep learning of AI programs. Just over the last several years, AI has become an imperative part of our human intelligence. What does U.S. copyright law have to say about it? How should the world treat AI-derived inventions?   

AI: the most empowering technologies 

As the rate of product development accelerates across all the sectors, many businesses are worried about losing the current market position to a new competitor. In order to produce successful products or services in today's constantly changing markets, discovery of a new technology is not enough. It is just the beginning of a long journey. 

With more AI-driven products and services enter the market, new changes are introduced to a relevant industry. Fierce demand exists for industrial applications of transformative technologies, such as AI. An enterprise can jump start harnessing AI with easiest choices (Chat GPT and other generative AI platforms) to increase productivity, reduce design errors, improve service quality, and maximize corporate growth. It is readily accessible. However, mass AI products are far from complete. AI struggles if real-life challenges are presented.

In fact, in a swiftly moving consumer demand and market dynamics, product development may be more complicated. Proposals are scratched due to the decline in the consumer interest in a product. Unknown flaws can be identified after the introduction of a product. However, even if the market condition has not changed and there has no known technical challenge, projects may be suspended because it is difficult to see immediate measurable benefit.

As the world's leading competitive technology-focused dispute resolution center, IACT has been engaged to manage complex and advanced innovation projects across the globe. What distinguishes IACT most is its ability to fully understand technologies. In some of those projects, IACT acts as an intermediate for tech innovations. In others, IACT works with strategists who have turned struggling entities to be successful. Based on the recommendations by IACT's experts, businesses have overcome downturns. A strategy for a successful market entry has been created jointly by the experts and the businesses. 

To focus on the above-described advisory functions, IACT launched a novel platform, Technology Partners in Asia (TPA). TPA offers review and remodeling of AI-driven programs for small and large corporations, C-suites, research and development centers, and other stakeholders who endeavor to achieve growth in today’s AI-driven markets. TAP can conduct thorough multi-disciplinary analysis of emerging technologies that is needed in today’s economy. The participants of the program will leverage vigorous AI technologies.

The Master AI ("MAI") program generates an AI-driven solution to help a corporation deal with various business complexities and uncertainties. In certain instances, by implementing the MAI program, managers can visualize research and development efforts that are yielding return. Benefiting from skills of AI engineers and supervision of world-class technical experts and project advisors, participants enjoy gainful results.

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