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Welcome Letter from the Chair

Dear Friends,


It is my joy and honor to present to you the International Arbitration Center (IACT). IACT is a dispute resolution forum of the highest quality, equipped with the world’s most experienced retired judges who stand ready to resolve even the most complex international disputes.


A key source of the world’s prosperity is the interwoven tapestry of nations’ legal systems for creating and protecting the property rights of inventors, artists, and business people. Because of this tapestry, our time in world history is marked by unprecedented technological achievement.


But while the benefits are great, they can be met with equal challenges. The need is always growing for worldwide protection—as well as worldwide enforcement campaigns. And experience has told us that multi-national litigation is something to be avoided:  it is expensive, time-consuming, and creates the confusing opportunity for conflicting outcomes in different countries. Moreover, individual countries’ courts are often ill-equipped to fully resolve complex international disputes—such as standard essential patent disputes.


IACT supplies an answer. IACT is specifically designed as a forum for resolving complex, international disputes—including the most challenging intellectual property cases. IACT’s arbitrators and procedures are tailored to resolve such cases thoroughly and efficiently—to a degree that has not yet been possible. IACT awaits the opportunity to resolve any dispute your organization may face.


                                                                           Randall R. Rader

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